Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writing prompt

Daily Writing Prompts

How do family and friends influence our coming of age?

        Kids at school act differently depending on where they are and who they are with. They are two different people when they are with either their friends or family. With you friends, you want to fit in and just have fun with everything. You aren't afraid to act strange, and be weird because it's just your friends who are the same as you. But when you are with your parent, you act in a certain way. You can't  say just anything in front of your parents.
        At school, you deal with different problems with friends. Friendship issues always gets in the way of things. Maybe, your two best friends are fighting and you don't know what to do. Or maybe, you are in the middle of an argument with a close friend and you fear that they will be mad at you forever.
        At home, your family drives you crazy. You have certain responsibilities that you take care of. You may not realize it but, all of those things that you do now will affect your adult life. Things like taking out the garbage, or washing the dishes are just training.

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