Thursday, May 19, 2011

Growing Up

What does it mean to grow up?
        Growing up means, leaving behind your childhood.  As you grow older, you let go of things you wouldn't think you would let go of.  Eventually, a little girl will loose interest in her barbie, and move on to wearing actual make-up and electronics like iPods and cellphones. When you are 12, you slowly break out of your shell and explore the world. You are so close to teen hood which is where you earn your independence.  Your father no longer holds your hand and takes you to the park.
         At 13 years old, you feel grown up. You feel ready to take control, and you have ideas and plans for what you want to do. You discover your personal style, and learn new things. But before you know it, you are off to high school, then college. In a flash, you are in the adult world.  You have left behind your life as a child. There are no more cliques or, homework assignments to focus on or be apart of. You have entered the world of adults.
         The adult world, was what confused children the most. Adult hood seemed so glamorous though. You got to own things, leave the house by your self whenever, and you got to drink fancy looking drinks that kids couldn't drink. Adults didn't even need money, they had magical cards that did anything for you.
         But as you grow up, you slowly begin to face reality. You soon realize that the fabulous life you imagined, was not exactly what you expected. You have new problems, more responsibilities, and your parents won't be there for you all the time. You take care of yourself. 

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