Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Responses to student blogs

Kate M.

Kate's writing is very elaborated and just well written. I was moved by Kate's incident poem. I love the way she started it. "I saw it all like a movie". I like how she started off her poem with a simile. The rest of her poem was very emotional, but I wasn't sure what the poem was actually about though. But I actually think that, the fact that I don't understand what it means, makes the poem even better. It's almost like the poem itself has a secret, and hides it from the reader. Kate's writing was very smooth, and descriptive. I really liked it, Kate is a great writer. :)

Astrid A.

Astrid's writing is very detailed, and organized. I really enjoyed her Mother to son response. She pointed out what this poem really means, and shows what parts of the poem are most important. Astrid even quoted the poem, and gave her own interpretation on what each line meant. Something else that I admire about this entry is that, Astrid ends the post with a quote from the poem. And since the mother to son poem was mainly about a mother trying to motivate her son into going further in life, it was nice how Astrid ended the post with, "Life has been hard for me, but I never gave up on it, I kept on going, and so should you, because waiting for your problems to solve themselves will only make things worse. Just keep on living your life." Good job Astrid, you are cool! :)

Gabby G.

Gabby is a smooth and descriptive writer. Her poem called, "New friends", really stood out to me. When I read it, I felt like I knew exactly what she was saying through her writing and I felt that I had been in the same situation myself. Gabby's poem represents an issue that is seen everyday. It basically shows social pressure, and how people change themselves to get the acceptance of others and try to fit in. Gabby's poem has meaning and was wonderfully written. Hurray, this was great Gabby! :)

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